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Angry bunny Angry bunny

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Reminds me a lot of Amy Winfrey's Big Bunny.Coincidence lol

HUH...WOT... HUH...WOT...

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Pretty cool gheef! Glad to finally see more from you! :D

Mario's in Luigi's Mansion 2 Mario's in Luigi's Mansion 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A silly little comic with a silly joke.And your art style is simplistic,yet cute.Really want ot see more of these in the future.Makes me want to try to do some comics...

Mario644 responds:

Thank you!

2012 Flash for 2013 2012 Flash for 2013

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Reemus,Burrito Biison,Cuboy,Moisture Care,TacoMan,Groundscats,Cate Face,Hitler from The Moustache,Lucky Day Forever,Matt from Eddsworld,Tainted Goods,Gooseman,Pico,Angry Fiac,Jobcare ,Fleur,Knowledge is Power,Gary from Bedfellows,Tremmerz,Ace Pilot,Cop Dog,A Thief's Tale,The Guy From "Lard Ass",Starbarians,Sergio,Hank from Maddness,Splice of Life,Conroy Cat,Bear,Fernando,Miami Shark,Strawberry Clock,Timeless,The Moleman,Too Scared Too Poop (?),Pencilmation,Toons These Days,The Guardian,Cinderrelo,Yotam &Fantasia (rdiehbestFriends!!!),50 MG,Kony 2012 (Pebbles),Edd Gould (RIP Buddy!),Incredibly Messed Up Bible Stories,

That's about all I know.I wish you would have put some characters from BioHazardous,Relive Your Life,TOME,Skyrim:Bear,Pikachu on Acid or the other two Lucky Week flashes (Swelter and The Worst).Anyways,this is perfect!

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Pantering Pantering

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Typical Lyle!

Precious Precious

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really,first time I heard of Precious,I tought they made Gollum's own movie.Good job!